Cherry Computers, Inc.


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Cherry Computers offers the fullest range of computer-related services (unlike our specialist competitors)...
     We manufacture computers
        We customize and upgrade computers
           We optimize and repair computers 
              We design, code & publish software
                 We design & install networks
                    We provide information management 
                            ...and more!
Computer functionality and efficiency requires system integration - making all the components work together harmoniously (or synergistically). Only those who have full knowledge of hardware, software, networking, and management can properly integrate computers systems in the business environment. At Cherry Computers, we have decades of business management experience, accounting experience, and installation experience.
We will be able to handle all of your computer needs with no excuses. (With unified/integrated service, we can't "pass the buck").
-- Installing computer systems, networks, and peripherals
-- Computer programming (our language or yours)
-- Website design and installation
-- Data protection and recovery
-- Custom component design
-- Training and teaching
-- Technical writing... and, yes, even more.
Cherry Computers, Inc.,  P.O. Box 5413,  Bellingham, WA 98227-5413   (360) 332-9974