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Cherry Computers offers complete programming services. Other vendors have programmers trained in college. We have the professors.

Computer programming has changed considerably in the last twenty years. More and more people call themselves "programmers", but fewer have the core skills that are essential to good programming. We offer in-house programming and we "farm out" programming (under our management). Either way, you get superior results. Whether you need specialized drivers, application design, or complete product development, we can help. Our staff have written software for the government and for publication. We have designed operating systems and even de-bugged Bill Gates' code. Talk to us.

Here are examples of some of our software projects:

  • Specialized bar-code printing 
  • Patches and drivers
  • Complete accounting systems
  • Data conversion
  • Import to Quickbooks (TM)
  • Network security 
  • System management

For More Information

There are simply too many possibilities in the software realm for us to describe our full range of capability and how we might serve you with software. Even if we're not providing you with software services, we'd be glad to help you make better software vendor decisions or assist you in resolving software vendor issues. Feel free to call or contact us with your concerns or questions.
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